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Books By Dr. Anana


Flawed By Design

Flaws are often perceived as negative. Along this growth journey in becoming the woman that I am today, I have realized that my flaws are actually by design. We may view our circumstances as flaws and disadvantages. However, as you read this book, you will discover that disadvantages give you an advantage. You have the “upper hand” over others who have different experiences. 

Grab the book or you can grab The Success Package that includes: 

  • Flawed By Design Book

  • Flawed By Design Workbook-5 Keys to Unlocking Your FLAWS

  • BONUS 15 minutes Flawed By Design strategy session

The Success Package 

Book Only

Creating Change for a Better Tomorrow Starts Today

The 4C Philosophy envisions a world where people are free to lead change, free to use their voice, and free to have their voices be heard. Most often, girls and women are the last to be considered as thought leaders and world-changers. The 4C's are ushering in a movement that will inspire, empower, and amplify change.


Civility is the key to unlock positive change in any society, organization, or institution. Community brings a powerful awareness and responsibility to connect, communicate, and build. Creativity provides the liberty for contribution. Imagine a world where everyone is free to innovate and create in their own individual way and be celebrated for it. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face as a human race. It is happening all around us and touches every part of the world. We're living as if the house is on fire and everyone is asleep and ignoring the alarms.


This book sounds the alarm and raises your awareness. The unique perspective of each co-author is their voice as young adolescent girls and women. Their perspective, experiences, and stories will inspire you to take action and be the change today for a better tomorrow. Each story will inspire you with ideas, concepts, and the ability to Listen, Learn, & Live Civility!

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BlessedGirl Superhero Book provides young people with the tools and techniques to overcome negative thoughts and challenge self-sabotaging ideas and activities. As a Civility Super Hero- BlessedGirl shines light on positive thoughts and actions of youth around the world. She encourages positive self-esteem, kindness, love, equality and humility. A key component to Civility is responsibility. This book allows the reader to take responsibility for your words, actions and thoughts.

A Mother's Love:
Letters to Our Sons

A mother of a son has the distinct privilege and challenge of providing love, compassion, discipline, and stability all while molding a boy into a man. A mother starts out with a heart full of love for her child. There is no success guide to motherhood. We all start out with LOVE-A Mother's Love. Each of these women share their love for their son with you. These women are honest, gritty, and enthusiastic to share their journey of motherhood with you. 

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