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Turn Your Dreams From Impossible to It's Possible.


Welcome to Moms On a Mission where I help frustrated moms discover their mission and earn their worth in the marketplace.


I am thrilled that you’ve decided to step up and take your mission to the next level! I want to congratulate you on taking this step to embrace your purpose and answer the call. Many women just like yourself trust me to be the most trusted advisor in the world at getting moms moving, fulfilled and paid!


Moms On a Mission was specially designed with you in mind and your ability to impact others by fulfilling your mission and being present for your family.

As a member of Moms On a Mission Coaching Program, you will learn all the insider tips, techniques, and tricks of creating your mission which typically take years to learn on your own.


I have created the Moms On a Mission Coaching Program using a combination of the most effective teaching methods so that you gain the most value possible from this training, some of those trainings are:


1.    Community building with other master course creators

2.    One-one-one expert coaching sessions and group coaching

3.    Exclusive member-only training materials

4.    Live training and networking events

5.    VIP-level support

6.    Bonus: opportunities to share your mission globally


Again, Welcome and I look forward to working with you!!

Listen and Learn Why It's Time for Mission I Am Possible!

 "You will discover that everything you considered as a setback or a challenge is a set-up for your next blessing." Dr. Anana

Listen to this intimate conversation on Flawed By Design the book, training and The Movement. There's power in your flaws. Dr. Anana shares her experience and journey on how she discovered her power by embracing her flaws and walking by faith w/ Coach Lovey Laveda Whitfield

Flawed By Design

Trust the Designer.

"Moses said to the LORD, 'Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue."   - Exodus 4:10 NIV 

You and I are like Moses.


God has assigned a mission, a vision, and a purpose for all of us.


Are you still responding, “but God I cannot because of my flaw?” Are you telling your creator, the master, and designer how your flaws are greater than his assignment? Learn to trust the designer. God’s response to Moses was “Guess who made your mouth?” God already knows your flaws. He is fully aware of your insecurities and past hurts. Trust the designer to heal you and move forward in faith. 

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Flawed Membership

What are you putting in front of your assignment?


Many times, women, especially mothers will delay, and sometimes deny, our assignment because of our children or our relationships with others. Sometimes you may need someone to go alongside you. Moses had Aaron. God said ok, you are caught up in your flaws right now. So, I will let Aaron go with you. However, you are the one I have called. God will bring others to work with you and support the vision and mission assigned to you. It does take a team. Teamwork makes the dream work. Be confident in your designer. He knows your weaknesses, and he will provide you with the support you need along the way. 

Embracing your FLAWS  and Walking by Faith – I hope each reader, whether it’s a member of a youth group, the book club, women empowerment group, can get from not only reading the book but going through the exercises will gain the following 

  • Clarity regarding God’s unique call on your life.

  • Authenticity id is a journey from the lie of who you are to the truth of who you really are. Free to share who you are not hiding your flaws. Discovering parts of who you are that you are afraid of. Become authentically aware of your flaws allow you to be who you are.

  • Know who you are created to be &  what you are created to do.

  • Live a fulfilled, fearless, and faithful life FLAWS and ALL

Join this annual membership today for $29.99 per month. 

Purchase Flawed By Design Book

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Mission Masterclass
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It's Mission I Am Possible Masterclass

5 Keys to Unlocking Your FLAWS

Live Your Life Free, Fulfilled, FaithFULL & Flawed

Have you fully embraced your ability to stand firm on who God created you to be?

There is a way to live your life Free, Fulfilled, Faithful and Flawed!
Flawed by Design: Embrace Your Flaws Walk by Faith teaches you to consider the possibilities. Consider your ability to forgive, heal and live your life on purpose.  Let your flaws work for you- not against you. A consistent and persistent challenge most human beings face is recognizing their flaws and using them to your own advantage. It’s powerful to know that you are not perfect, but you are full of purpose. I have learned that my imperfections allow for God’s perfect will.

There’s power in your flaws. 

Embrace them and walk by faith.

Feeling stuck-unfulfilled?

Do you need the push, strategy and accountability to take your career, ministry, business to the next level?


Be a part of the 8 week group training!

You will:


  • Gain clarity regarding God’s unique call on your life.

  • Become authentically aware of who you are created to be and what you are created to do.

  • Reclaim your authentic identity.

  • Receive Flawed By Design E-book

  • Flawed By Design Workbook

  • 1:1 strategy session w/ Dr. Anana

  • BONUS Leadership Assessment

Secure Your Spot in this 8-week masterclass today!

Investment: one-time payment of $88 (limited special until August 31st) Regular price $199

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