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Walk in Your Greatness

Be Bold. Be You.

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Meet Anana 

World Civility Ambassador. International Speaker.

Dr. Anana Phifer-Derilhomme is simply a blessed girl! Blessed with the ability to help others discover, appreciate and manifest their blessings. She is an entrepreneur - President & Founder of BlessedGirls Non-Profit and Founder/Trainer of Moms on a mission. She’s a three-time author, professional speaker, success coach, and mentor to girls and women around the world. Anana is a dedicated wife and mother to 3 extraordinary young men.

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Masterclass & Membership

Are you looking for the push, strategy, and accountability to take your career, ministry, and business to the next level? 

Moms on a Mission has you covered with our 6-week masterclass and year-long group membership.

Flawed By Design

BlessedGirl Superhero Book provides young people with the tools and techniques to overcome negative thoughts and challenge self-sabotaging ideas and activities. As a Civility Super Hero- BlessedGirl shines light on positive thoughts and actions of youth around the world. She encourages positive self-esteem, kindness, love, equality and humility. A key component to Civility is responsibility. This book allows the reader to take responsibility for your words, actions and thoughts.

Grab the book or you can grab The Success Package that includes: 

  • Flawed By Design Book

  • Flawed By Design Workbook-5 Keys to Unlocking Your FLAWS

  • BONUS 15 minutes Flawed By Design strategy session

The Success Package 

Book Only


Moms On A Mission

Moms On a Mission was specially designed with you in mind and your ability to impact others by fulfilling your mission and being present for your family.


Blessed Girl promotes learning, entrepreneurship and a courageous lifestyle that produces strong motivated young women that will value themselves and promote a positive community worldwide.


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"When you leave her presence, you're going to know you are a winner."

Dr. Traci Ward

I Am Enough Movement


"I highly recommend Anana’s coaching service to those who are looking for that boost and guidance needed to navigate you to the next level in your endeavors. You will be motivated, empowered and on track at the completion of your course."  B.A. Allen Nadella (CEO & founder Ladies In Waiting Int. W I V E S)

B. A. Allen Nadella
CEO & Founder Ladies in Waiting Int. W.I.V.E.S. 

"Anana brings the fire. She brings the energy. She bring s the change that you're looking for."

Dr Obom A. Bowen

Today is the Day, US Marine

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